Friday, 5 October 2012

...Susu Oh Susu!... (Nak Kena Minum Susu Mengandung Ke???)

Tips from Anmum...

During Pregnancy
Anmum Materna™ is high in folic acid, a nutrient clinically tested to support the growth of your foetus and reduce its risks of birth defects.
Anmum Materna

During Breastfeeding
Breastmilk contains all the right nutrients for your child and to ensure you get enough nutrients. Anmum Lacta™ is the only milk specially formulated for breastfeeding mums. It boosts your daily intake of Gangliosides - which promote your child's brain cell connections. It also contains Folate, DHA, FOS, Calcium, Iron as well as other important vitamins and minerals to support your pregnancy as well as your child's optimal mental and physical growth and development.
Anmum Lacta

Aiyohhhh! Bercintanya nak minum susu... Tekak loya-loya camnie kan nak suh minum susu lak... Tapi aku tengok packaging dia macam sedap jer, ada flava Choc lah! Tapi tak try lagi... Hmmm... Nampaknya, pinggang dah start rasa sakit, katanya time nie baby 'curik' kalsium ibu... Ye ke? Pill Asid Folic hari-hari aku telan... Ikan pun aku makan.. Apa lagi ekk untuk kalsium? Hmmm... Aku tekad aku kena cuba minum susu tu, untuk kebaikan aku dan baby gak kan... Untukmu My Joy, Mama cuba telan ye susu tu... Apakah rasanya ekk? Oklah nanti dah try aku citer kay :) Stop kat sini dulu.